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Tips for Winter Pool Maintenance in Arizona

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Do You Know How To Provide Pool Maintenance Throughout the Winter?

If you own a pool in Scottsdale, you know that the hot summers require constant pool care to keep the water clean and clear. However, don’t let the cool weather fool you into thinking that pool maintenance isn’t just as critical in the winter! Did you know that there are certain pool cleanings and repairs that we actually suggest happen in the winter time? Here are some helpful tips to keeping your pool in the best shape possible during the winter so that you can jump right into it as soon as the weather warms up.

Does the Pool Pump Still Need to Run to Keep the Pool Clean?

YES!! You should still run your pool pump each day but can cut it down to about half the time. So, if you usually run it overnight for 10 hours in the summer then you only need to run it for about 5 hours during the winter months. This will help save on energy costs but will still keep the pool water circulating to ensure proper distribution of chemicals and avoid build up of limescale around the pool’s edge. The only time you should keep your pool pump running continuously in the winter is if there are freezing temperatures predicted. Luckily, this doesn’t happen much in Scottsdale!

Is Winter the Best Time for Chlorine Washes to Sanitize the Pool?

Chlorine washes are one of the pool services we suggest happen in the cooler months. This is because it requires your pool to be drained which exposes the plaster. The scorching heat during the summer can crack plaster pool surfaces so any pool repairs that require you to drain the pool should be attempted when the temperatures are cooler to avoid further damage. Chlorine washes are perfect for any pools that have an algae issue because it will kill the algae and remove mineral build-up to avoid having spots where algae can thrive. Doing this type of pool maintenance in the winter can positively affect how your pool looks and feels in the summer and most importantly, helps your pool equipment work more efficiently to keep the pool clean.

Would It Be Best to Drain the Pool in the Winter?

Draining your pool in the winter depends on a few factors. If you have a newer pool with a pebble surface and don’t plan to use the pool at all then draining it is a possibility but if you have any type of tile edge, there are still risks of damage or fading from the sun, even in the winter. In that case we suggest keeping the pool full and continuing regular pool maintenance. As we mentioned above, draining the pool for repairs or to do a water change, which is suggested every few years, is okay to do in the winter. Leaving the plaster exposed in cooler weather is fine for a couple days while the repair takes place and then re-filling the pool with water and re-balancing the chemicals will ensure the pools stays in working order for you to enjoy the rest of the year. Some may feel that an empty pool isn’t as aesthetically pleasing and keep in mind that algae can still grow if rain water is allowed to accumulate in an empty pool. However, if you are running into unforeseen issues that won’t allow you to continue to maintain your pool then it is probably best to drain it rather than leave the water untreated. If you have this type of problem it may be best to call a professional pool cleaner to figure out a plan of action. You might feel you should empty your pool water now but if you want to eventually use it again it will be important to discuss with a pool expert the possible damage and costs of repair before deciding to drain your pool.

Pool care is a big responsibility but has such enjoyable results when you can jump into the clear water anytime you want. Fortunately, pools require less time and money in the winter but it is still important to keep up on the maintenance so you can enjoy your pool all year long. If you have any concerns our pool experts are always here to help so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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