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Can You Avoid Pool Pump Repairs in Scottsdale?

Damage pool basket needing pump repair

The role of a pool pump is integral to keeping a beautifully clean and clear pool because it is what pulls the water from the pool, pushes it through the filtration system and back into the pool. So as you can see, if the pool pump isn’t working, the water can’t be filtered properly which can cause murky water and algae to start growing. With the scorching heat and year round use of pool pumps in Scottsdale they can wear down quickly so here are a couple things you can do to help maintain the pump and avoid repairs or replacements.

  1. Check Pool Water Level Daily

    This is the BEST and easiest advice you can follow to avoid pool pump issues! In the heat of summer, daily temps in Scottsdale are always 100+ which means that about a quarter inch of water is lost each day just to evaporation alone! Subtract another inch or so when the pool is used and after a few days the water level can go down about half a foot. Without proper water levels, the pool pump won’t pull adequate amounts of water through the filter or if the water is too low, it won’t pull any water through and could burn up the pool pump motor. So you can easily avoid this by adding water every few days, or getting an automatic filler that can be set to add water when the water level gets down to a certain point. It’s really important to take a peek at your pool every day just to make sure the water level is about halfway up the skimmer opening. Also, always be sure that your pump settings are back to normal after you’ve completed a backwash. We have seen incidents where the pool owner accidentally left the backwash setting on all night and it drained the pool water level down about a foot which burnt out the pool pump so double check that everything is set back to its original spot after working on the pump!

  2. Clean Out the Pool Pump Basket Regularly & Check the Seal

    At least once a week and after every monsoon storm in Scottsdale, you will want to take the strainer basket out of the pool pump and thoroughly clean it out. This allows proper water flow through the pump and to the filter. Plus, this is also the perfect chance to check the condition of the seal on the pool pump lid. If the o-ring or gasket is cracked then the lid won’t seal as well and the suction needed for the pool pump to pull water from the pool will be poor or non-existent. Sometimes all that is needed is to add lubricant to help the lid seal or other times the o-ring will need replaced. If the lid is sealed tightly, the basket is clean and there is still poor water flow, the there may be a leak somewhere in the lines to the pool pump. In this case our pool equipment experts can come diagnose the issue and hopefully fix it on the spot!

Like any intricate system that involves moving parts, the pool pump and all pool equipment will have issues from time to time. Hopefully by following the steps above it can help prolong the life of your pool pump but if you find yourself in need of repairs or troubleshooting, our pool technicians are here to help so don’t hesitate to give us a call!


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