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Pool Vacuum Repairs & Replacement

Pool Vacuum Repairs in Scottsdale & Surrounding Areas

If you have an in-ground pool in the Scottsdale area you most likely have a pool vacuum to help maintain your pool. The pool vacuum is an important part of keeping the pool water clean as it scoots around the bottom of the pool and up the sides to suck up debris that has floated down and settled there. Some families even go so far as to give their pool vac a nickname like, Rover or Pool Bot, as it crawls around doing its job. Unfortunately, when rocks or large pieces of debris get sucked up by the pool vacuum it wreaks havoc on the working parts and will need repaired. Never fear, we will come to the rescue and repair little Rover or whatever funny name you’ve given it!

Hayward Navigator Pool Vacuum Repairs

If you’re noticing your Hayward pool vacuum isn’t moving as quickly or you’re not finding much debris in the basket, there is most likely a part that needs replaced or properly cleaned. Some issues are as small as just cleaning the screen at the back of the vacuum to ensure proper water flow to make the vac move. There are also some parts of the pool vac that are easily replaced like the ‘feet’ or the ‘wings’. There are four rubber feet on the bottom of the pool vacuum, kind of like car tires, that will wear out over time from constantly rubbing on the pool floor. The side flaps or wings can also get jostled around and may crack so if you notice those issues call us to schedule a quick repair! Other parts of a pool vacuum are not as quickly repaired, especially if rocks have gone through and mangled the inner workings of the vacuum so in that case, our pool specialists will inspect the pool vacuum, diagnose the issue and give you an estimate to get it up and running as quickly as possible!

Zodiac Baracuda Pool Vacuum Repairs

Zodiac pool cleaners are made a bit differently than Hayward vacs and we’ve found them to be very reliable but there are times that they have issues with suction and movement too. Most common Zodiac repairs include adjusting flow rate, shortening the length of the hose or pushing any unwanted air out of the lines which can be caused by multiple issues. If the pool vac gets stuck or won’t climb walls or reach all of your pool, our experts will take a look at the vacuum pattern and can adjust as needed.

The pool vacuum is an important part of keeping the pool water clean as it works with the filter to remove dirt and debris from the floor and walls of your pool. This allows for less opportunity for algae to attach and grow in your pool so if your pool vacuum needs repaired, please call us right away so we can get it running properly again!

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