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Pool Maintenance

Comprehensive Pool Inspections & Treatments

pool tune-ups

green pool cleanups, algae treatments

pool equipment repair and replacements

Repairs & Replacements

  • FILTERS - We install, repair and replace Cartridge filters, DE filters and Sand filters
  • PLUMBING - We fix all above ground plumbing suction leaks, clogs, cracks and valves including Jandy, gate and ball valves.
  • PUMPS AND MOTORS - We rebuild or replace all pool, spa and water feature pumps and motors.
  • BACKWASH AND MULTIPORT VALVES - Service and replacement
  • POOL VACUUM CLEANERS - Repair Hayward Navigator and Zodiac Barracuda
  • IN-FLOOR POP UP CLEANERS - We replace pop up heads, rebuild and replace actuators.
  • HEATERS - Installation, Repair and Replacement of all electric, natural or propane gas units.
  • SALT CHLORINATORS - Installation, Repair and Replacement
  • TIMERS - Repair and Replacement of standard, digital and remote systems.
  • LIGHTS - Pool and Spa light bulb change or light housing replacement
  • AQUA LINKS SYSTEM - Programming, Service, Installation and Repair

Vista Hills Pool Services

MONTHLY POOL SERVICE starting as low as just 65.00 per month including chemicals.
INTRODUCTORY OFFER -- 10 weeks of service for 69.00 (chemicals extra) Call us for details.
Hayward, Pentair, Nautilus, Aqua Links, Zodiac, Sta-Rite, Jandy, Shasta, Paddock, Challenger, Polaris, Eco-Matic, Ray Pak, Rheem

List Of Services

We not only keep your pool sparkling clean, but we can also repair your pool and replace or upgrade your pool equipment as needed, We have the experience to handle all your residential pool and spa needs. Our highly trained professionals perform the following tasks to ensure your pool is clean, clear and sanitized.

  • Pool Draining
  • Pool Acid Wash
  • Chlorine Washes
  • Sand Changes for Sand Filters
  • DE and Cartridge cleaning
  • DE and Cartridge Filter Replacements
  • O-Rings -- Replacement and Lubrication
  • Storm Cleanups
  • Backwash Valve Services
  • Calcium Removal on Tile and Rocks