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Barb Mendelson, Scottsdale

"Vista Hills Pool Service has been with us for over 4 years. They are the most reliable pool service I have ever used. Vista Hills is vigilant with both maintenance and repair service. I depend on them."

Mike, Phoenix

"Vista Hills has serviced our pool for the past 5 years. Both Cory and Brett have delivered excellent service. Their industry knowledge puts them ahead of other service providers. They take great pride in their work and make themselves available at any time. They can be trusted with complex repair jobs and simply your monthly pool care."

Allen K, Scottsdale

"We have been using Vista Hills Pool Service over the past several years and have been very satisfied. Prior to Vista Hills, we have used quite a few pool servicing firms that have claimed to be knowledgeable and service oriented, but we have never disputed the claims of Vista Hills. They are knowledgeable and dependable. We are pleased to recommend them very highly."

Wendy and Mike English

"My husband and I have had Cory and Brett from Vista Pool Services as our pool maintenance team for almost three years. We bought a house in foreclosure that included a musky, moldy, brown pool. They were the “knights in shining armor” who managed to turn that horrid pool into a blue shining haven for us. We hired them for weekly maintenance and they are fantastic…….They maintain the pool sweep, come at a MOMENTS’ notice if something appears to be wrong and go out of their way to help us with ANY issues we might have. They are timely, efficient, professional and so service oriented!! Please accept this endorsement if you are looking for pool maintenance. They are the BEST!!

Bill Matthews

"VHPS has been servicing my pool since the summer of 2011. Their efforts have resulted in a significant improvement in both the water quality and equipment performance of my then 16+ year old pool. They have a sound knowledge of water chemistry and equipment operation, and further enhance their service by providing it with a high level of customer care. I am extremely happy with the service being provided by VHPS."