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Frequently Asked Questions - How To Clean A Pool

Q: Why is my pool pump so noisy?
A: The bearings are wearing out and causing the loud high pitched noise. You do not need to buy a new motor. The motor you have can be rebuilt and enjoy many more years of usage.

Q: How do I get rid of the white line on my tile of rocks?
A: The white line is calcium buildup due to the hard water in Arizona. To properly remove the calcium a special process called glass beading is required to remove it. A high pressure system that shoots out little tiny glass beads onto the white line breaks up and removes the calcium deposits on your tile or rocks.

Q: Why is my pool losing water?
A: If you are not seeing visible signs of water leakage with your pool system on, then the water level in your pool is lower because your automatic water leveler either needs to be adjusted to the correct position or it is broken.

Q: Why does my pool keep turning green?
A: There are a number of reasons your pool keeps turning green. It could be one or all of these major reasons. First, the ph/alkalinity and chlorine are not at their proper levels. PH levels should be a 7.4-7.6. Alkalinity levels between 80-120 and chlorine levels above a 2.0. Second, your pool water is old and needs to be replaced. If your TDS are above 2000 ppm and/or conditioner above 150, your water needs to be replaced. Thirdly, your pool filter needs to be cleaned out or filtration media/grids/cartridges inside need to be replaced.

Q: What if my pool cleaner is not working?
A: Debris or rocks may be stuck inside the vac. Turn the vac upside down and check to see if debris or rocks are clogging it up. Remove debris.

Q: Why is my in-floor/pop up cleaning system is not working?
A: The actuator filter screen in the pipe leading into the actuator may be plugged up with debris. Unscrew unions to pipe above actuator to remove screen and clean. Also the gears inside the actuator that works the in-floor cleaning system may need to be replaced. Also filters may need to be cleaned out for proper pressure in system for pop up heads to work properly.

Q: How come water is not moving through my pool when I turn my system on?
A: You may have a suction leak in your system. When you turn your pool motor on air is being sucked into your system, not allowing the pool pump to prime and send water through your system.

Q: How often do I have to backwash my sand filter?
A: In the winter time every 4 weeks. In the summer time every 2 weeks.

Q: Is it safe for my dog to swim in our pool?
A: Yes, but dogs shed a lot of hair. Dog hair will build up in skimmer and pump baskets and need to emptied more often for proper water flow. Also the oils from the dogs coat will neutralize chlorine faster.

Q: How often do I have to backwash my DE filter?
A: Every 7 weeks year round. Then recharge with DE filter media. Approximately 4 lbs. for a 36sq. filter, 5 lbs. for a 48sq. filter, and 6 lbs. for a 60sq. filter.

Q: How often do I need to drain my pool?
A: Every 6 years in Arizona or when your TDS is above 2000ppm

Q: Why do I have green and black spots on the bottom of my pool?
A: Those are algae spots. Once they are green or black they are difficult to remove with chemicals. Algaecides are chemicals used to treat algae spots. If algaecides do not work then the water in the pool needs to be removed and the algae treated directly with liquid chlorine.

Q: Can I find Scottsdale pool service for under 80.00 a month?
A: Our pool service starts at 65.00 a month and up.

Q: Is pool service in Scottsdale and North Phoenix weekly?
A: Yes. Pool service is weekly and includes skimming, brushing, vacuuming, emptying baskets, backwashing filters, cleaning salt cells, testing and adding chemicals.

Q: The bottom of my pool looks dirty and old and I am looking for the best resources on how to clean a pool. Can you make it look white and clean again?
A: If your pool surface is too old it may need to be replastered. Otherwise you can have a pool acid wash. This procedure will remove embedded staining and bring the luster and whiteness back to your pool surface.

Q: Do you have swimming pool service specials in Scottsdale?
A: Yes, we have introductory specials for monthly pool service in Scottsdale and North phoenix.

Q: Do you have swimming pool repair coupons in Scottsdale?
A: Yes, we have 20% off pool repair coupons.